The logistics industry has some of the highest diversity in its operations, processes, people and resource management. Every use case requires careful thought in designing optimization and automation solutions, considering relevant KPIs and stakeholder engagement.

Transforming businesses through The AI Way ®
Warehouse Optimization
Operational visibility with AI optimization layer
Cargo Routing
Smart cargo routing
Cargo Stuffing/De-Stuffing
Auto monitor stuffing operations
Space Visualization
2D/3D warehouse visualization and digital twin
Warehouse Optimization
  • AI optimization layer
  • Real time operational visibility
  • Smart inventory organization
  • Maximal space utilization
  • Real-time location-level visibility
  • Cargo dwell time monitoring
  • Compatible with pallet-rack warehouses

Increase in Space Utilization

Cargo Routing
  • Smart routing
  • Precision identification
  • Inbound/outbound cargo tracking
  • Accurate cargo loading/unloading count
  • Cargo-to-conveyor-to-container-to- vehicle mapping in real time
Cargo Stuffing / De-Stuffing
  • Auto seamless capture of operations
  • FIFO policy implementation
  • Damaged cargo detection
  • Theft/pilferage detection

Cargo counting and tracking accuracy

Space Visualization
  • 2D/3D visualization
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Real-time location-level visibility
  • Compatible with pallet-rack warehouses
  • Digital twin