The manufacturing industry has been a pioneer of industrial automation in its assembly line. However, its supporting and ancillary processes, which have long been neglected, are ready to benefit from new technological advancements to address production bottlenecks, quality issues and sub-optimal resource utilization

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Inventory Tracking & Counting
Precision inventory tracking
Space & Volume Utilization
Efficient space utilization & visualization
Quality Control (QC) Automation
Vision based quality control for integrity & quality
Material Thickness Detection
Automated material profiling for product integrity
Inventory Tracking & Counting
  • Precision inventory tracking
  • Optimization and automation of manual handling tasks
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Support for cartons, boxes, pallets and unpacked/bulk inventory

Cargo Tally

accurate cargo tally with evidence


Cargo Tally

Reduction in wastage due to missing inventory, misplaced inventory, expired cargo


Survey cost reduction

Space & Volume Utilization
  • Efficient space & volume utilization
  • 2D/3D visualization
  • Inventory control
  • Dwell time monitoring
  • Damaged cargo and pilferage detection

Space utilization

increase in space utilization



increase in revenue

Quality Control (QC) Automation
  • Real time automated material visual inspection
  • Tight control of quality of production output
  • Removal of throughput bottlenecks at quality inspection and control points

Inspection time

Reduction in inspection times

Material Thickness Detection
  • Automated detection of material thickness for component integrity, paint evenness
  • Detection of physical defects such as cracks, welds, and distortions