We enable AI-driven solutions for retailers to optimize the business processes, enhance customer and manufacturer satisfaction, maximize profitability and create effective sales promotions.

Rack Solutions
Enhancing cross-selling and upselling
Efficient management of demand and supply
Pattern Analysis
Improves customer satisfaction and promotes safety
Billing and Analytics
Increasing sales and faster check-out experience
Pick up
  • Customer identification and tracking from check-in
  • Customer action - Item pick up and put back
  • Item identification and customer tagging

Model Accuracy

Efficient identification of the items picked

  • Item placement and positioning
  • Evidence based contract compliance
  • Item visibility
  • Product re-stock alert


Right item at right place for better sales

Loss Prevention & Rack Consumption
  • Inventory tally with invoice
  • Misplaced item alert
  • Identifying stock shortages
  • Product dwell time

Item misplaced alert

Real-time alert generation for inappropriate placement

Stock Management
  • Inventory management
  • Out-of-stock alert
  • Identifying overstocked items
  • Planogram recommendation

Overstock Alert

Triggers the retailer for necessary actions

Item Tracking & Loss Prevention
  • Inventory tracking
  • Theft detection
  • Damage detection

Damage Detection

Alerts the retailer for item replacement

Pattern Analysis
  • Behavior pattern
  • Gait and posture analysis
  • Emotion analysis
  • Preference patterns
  • Customer dwell time
  • Identifying customer footfall
  • Layout heat map
  • Fraud and anomaly detection

Customer Satisfaction

enhances customer engagement and in-store shopping experience

Instant Billing
  • Real-time shopping cart update
  • Instant billing upon checkout
  • Eliminates queues and congestion


Redefining shopping Experience

Sales Analytics
  • Analysing the buying trends
  • Promotion effectiveness
  • Identifying the dead stock

Evaluating effectiveness

helps in promoting right items for the right events