We apply intelligence to surveillance for real-time actionable insights ensuring a safe and secure environment

Workplace Management
Optimizing business processes for smart and informed decisions.
Facial Recognition System
  • Authorized/unauthorized entry control
  • Access control
  • Thermal sensing
  • Restricted zone control
  • Track potential threats in real-time

Thermal Sensing

Accurate and faster temperature detection with 0.1º tolerance

Crowd Counting
  • Accurate people count in different environments
  • Real-time occupancy monitoring
  • Identifying patterns
  • Crowd heatmap generation

Hotspots Identification

Generates alerts for instant decision making

Entry Control
  • Access control through swing barriers, flap barriers, tripods, etc.
  • Attendance management
  • Face spoof detection
  • Tracking authorized/unauthorized entry

Restricted Entry

Alerts unauthorized entry in specified zones

Gate Automation
  • License plate detection
  • Vehicle In/Out time
  • Vehicle and driver mapping
  • Authorized/unauthorized vehicle entry

Less Waiting Time

Enables Scalability with efficient gate automation

Perimeter Security
  • Intrusion detection
  • Approach road monitoring
  • Access permission to authorized people
  • Real-time alerts
  • Unified functional command and control center

Ensure Safety

Perimeter breach alerts