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Optimizing Container Terminal Operations with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

How do they think about this AI Trend and how do you and your organization or in your personal view see this technology and bring us forward?

I agree with Alex I mean so again we're relatively new to the market industry it's been three years we've been working in the maritime and we're based out of India um what we've seen is adaptation of technology has been crucial and the simplest smallest things are not being able to be solved so that's where we wanted to introduce AIML they're calling it The disruptive technology a lot of companies are doing iot for capturing the right data but is the data capture being captured right is it being done thoroughly is it being processed thoroughly and how quick is the turnaround time for you to give this insights to your customers there's a lot of adaptation of pure AI ml there's a lot of pure IOT but there's no holistic solution as such and that's the main problem I mean or the situation that we're seeing in this an industry that there's no holistic solution as overall to be able to address um and give a solution to the customer and um we believe AIML is not just the thing it's a holistic with IOT and a complete integrated um because again there are drawbacks in AIML as such inheritance problems of technology that it's not 100 accurate but with the mix of multi-sensors and giving a summation of all these things you can give 100 accuracies to give the right data the right insights and it's like doing um you know what we learned is doing the smallest things to the 100 perfections gives you the right output and I think that that's what AIML and um IOT holistic solution will give you that type of perspective 

Coming back to what you said you used allow me to say another big word holistic which is of course a big word yeah so when you talk about AI I see it a bit in a different way Alex is saying hey let's go let's go in a certain problem um you talked about holistic what do you mean this is holistic?

So um I agree with Alex how you said that solving the simple problems is the starting point but how do we do it how do you go about it like um again you're going at the complexity he clearly stated you're coming and saying okay I'm gonna go do some unsupervised learning

um or reinstated models or how do I go about I want to create a huge technology but what is the problem that you're going to solve what is the main thing okay I want to solve the bottleneck at the gates I want to see how my dwell time is coming down so how am I addressing that meticulously now take OCR by itself as a computer vision depending on different conditions even if you have it completely standardized like from the license plate and still you might achieve 95 96 as a single camera solution but is that enough for a terminal operator is it okay are you to let go of that five percent Mis accuracy to be able to operate no you need 100 operations now there are a lot of techs available outside but is Tech enough to solve this problem so we believe when I say holistic it's not just the tech it's also the process remap combined with it with other sensors you have to be and what is it you're solving you're giving them a hundred percent accuracy operational of a license plate of container Health a gating process it can happen at the rake in either these are the smallest and the simplest things if you take a this is where I meant holistic approach complete approach of giving them 100 accurate analyses that's what's going to give them what the customer is expecting. 

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