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An advanced, automated cargo tallying and space optimization system, leveraging deep learning AI and video analytics for real-time operation, seamlessly integrated with both warehouse management and terminal operating systems. In conjunction with the cargo gating solution, it accommodates a diverse array of warehouse configurations—ground-stacked, rack-stacked, and open-yard—and efficiently manages a full spectrum of warehouse activities, including carting, delivery, stuffing, de-stuffing, as well as both mechanized and manual operations.

Real-time space-occupancy monitoring
Automatic Cargo Tracking & Tallying

ATWarehouse Capabilities

Our industry-leading ATWarehouse product offers best-in-class capabilities to automate your end-to-end warehouse operations.

Real Impact & Lasting Value

22 Million

Cargo Tonnage Processed

1 Sqmtr

Space Granularity

13 Million

Warehouse Transaction

> 98.5%

Algorithm Accuracy

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