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Utilizing AI-powered real-time data collection, we can generate automated damage reports and manage yard inventory based on concrete evidence. This approach allows for immediate capture and analysis of data, leading to the creation of detailed damage reports and effective management of yard inventory. By leveraging AI technology, the system can identify patterns, predict trends, and make informed decisions thereby enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.

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Cutomer ROI Return


Increase In Space Utilization


Cargo Counting And Tracking Accuracy

$10 Million

Customer Benefits Per year
Our State-of-the-Art Solution Capabilities

AI Smart Gate Automation

An integrated gate automation system designed for precise data capture, swift gate processing, and generation of customized automatic damage reports. The system, which includes a truck portal, kiosks, gate controls, and an AI-powered gate operating system, is integrated with the Terminal Operating System (TOS). It automates the capture and processing of data such as the container number and type, customizable container damage reports with evidence, and truck numbers.


Increase In Space Utilization
Our State-of-the-Art Solution Capabilities

AI Smart Location Tracking


Increase In Space Utilization

A real-time system integrating container identification and location tracking, ensuring accurate data. It captures the container number and its precise location details using deep learning AI, video analytics, and sensor fusion technology. Integrated with the terminal operating system, it verifies the accuracy of TOS data while overseeing operations. The system is compatible with all types of Container Handling Equipment (CHEs), particularly Reach Stackers, Empty Handlers, and Forklifts.

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