Our Platform

Automation Enabled by
Deep Learning Based AI

Harness the full potential of our ATAI platform, fortified by deep learning-based AI models and equipped with pre-trained real-world data, to transform your end-to-end terminal and warehouse operations.

Gain improved capacity, efficiency, and transparency across every aspect of your operations with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals.

Building Blocks of the ATAI Platform

Discover the power of the ATAI platform which enhances capacity, efficiency, and transparency across every aspect of your operations.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Presenting a modular and open AI framework that incorporates advanced deep learning models, meticulously crafted for logistics and supply chain scenarios. This framework is enhanced with a drift correction feature for continuous model optimization, while its edge cluster deployment ensures rapid data processing and immediate decision-making capabilities.

Computer Vision

Sophisticated video and image processing techniques, including transformation, filtering, and mixing, ensure reliable data handling for effective inference and augmentation. The integration of computer vision with sensor data underpins robust and decisive analytics. Cutting-edge object tracking and image stitching technologies facilitate immersive real-world visualizations.

Edge Compute

Benefit from low-power, industrial-grade edge computing, powered by an advanced enterprise-grade AI cluster stack. This setup offers real-time data inferencing with RAS (Reliability, Accountability, and Serviceability) features within the CIA paradigm (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability). A customizable clustering framework for redundancy and load sharing allows a tailored Edge platform to meet any operational requirement.

Data Lake

An integrated, terminal-focused data strategy and architecture designed to manage diverse datasets, including streaming data, metadata, log data, and events. This robust data framework is engineered to facilitate real-time transactions, empower data analytics, and enhance capabilities in visualization, digital twinning, and business intelligence (BI), all powered by AI and anchored in Open Standards for sustainable value creation.

Digital Twin

We are introducing a real-time operational digital twin that offers a comprehensive and dynamic view of the entire terminal operations, encompassing Gates, Rails, Yard, Quay, and Warehouses. It thoroughly covers all operational resources, such as containers, cargo, and equipment. This digital twin, attuned to yard strategies and operations, employs robust 2D and 3D visualizations to streamline and enhance decision-making processes for operations and business.


           An adaptable open platform architecture that facilitates a wide range of integration technologies through an abstraction layer. It enables seamless integration with third-party software and supports a variety of technologies, including RESTful APIs for real-time data retrieval and updates, event-driven integration with message brokers, and Apache Kafka for processing large-scale data streams.


Our comprehensive operational solution integrates top-tier products with terminal-specific process flows, defined using standard modeling language. It supports tailored exception-handling procedures, with defined roles, responsibilities, and hierarchical structures.


While the uniformity of outcome is achieved by automated data collection and decision-making, the platform provides ample flexibility and adaptability, allowing for customization to meet each terminal's distinct needs and specifications


The platform and its products integrate the customer’s external security measures, operating securely within the customer-isolated network that is constructed following the CIA triad to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Damage Detection

           Advanced methods of video and image processing; such as transformation, filtering, and blending, guarantee dependable data management for efficient interpretation and enhancement. The fusion of computer vision with sensor information forms the foundation for sturdy and definitive analysis. State-of-the-art object monitoring and image-merging technologies enable vivid visualizations of the real world.

ATAI Product Suite

Our industry-leading products offer best-in-class AI-smart capabilities to streamline your end-to-end operations.


AI-Smart Gate Operations

A sophisticated, AI-driven multi-modular redundant gating system designed to accurately capture truck and container details through real-time video analytics and deep learning. This intelligent gating solution makes informed decisions by considering reservation validity, permit status, damage assessment, and other critical conditions, streamlining the container gating process seamlessly with the terminal operating system.


AI-Smart Rail Operations

An AI-powered computer vision system that captures and maps wagons and containers along with its details in real-time, integrating with the Terminal Operating System for efficient rail operations.


AI-Smart Quay Crane Operations

A smart, crane-independent system that leverages AI and video analytics for real-time container tracking during vessel loading and unloading, ensuring automated, data-driven quayside operations adaptable to various operational demands.


AI-Smart Yard Operations

Introducing a cutting-edge yard management system, utilizing deep learning models for real-time optimization of resources and strategic operations, fully integrated with TOS for a complete terminal view.

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Streamline Your Supply Chain using Advanced AI for Smarter Shipping & Warehousing


AI-Smart Location Tracking & Visibility

An innovative location tracking system powered by AI and sensor fusion to track containers and container handling equipment in real-time, fully integrated with the Terminal Operating System for efficient yard management.


AI-Smart Warehouse Operations

An advanced, automated cargo tallying and space optimization system, leveraging deep learning AI and video analytics for real-time operation. Flexible to accommodate a diverse array of warehouse configurations—ground-stacked, rack-stacked, and open-yard, and to efficiently manage a full spectrum of warehouse activities, including carting, delivery, stuffing & de-stuffing, as well as mechanized and manual operations.

ATAI vs Traditional Solutions

Here’s 5 reasons why ATAI is uniquely positioned to transform and streamline your operations.

Traditional Solutions

HIGHER INVESTMENT - Proprietary and limited offerings
Closed platform with proprietary components and infrastructure. By and large, independent products provide point operational features.
CONDITIONAL RELIABILITY - Conditional Accuracies
Solutions using AI are a standalone component of the product most often provided by a third party. Adaptability to the local conditions is either absent or comes at a premium, No SLAs on accuracy claims.
VULNERABLE - Single point failure
Susceptible to hardware and software failure leading to system downtime. The proprietary nature of components leads to operational downtime due to higher response time.
AMC COST - Short Life
Product components include moving parts leading to higher wear and tear or delay in data acquisition. The cost of maintenance is high and time-consuming.
LONG PROJECT LIFECYCLE -Rollout complexity
The solution implementation is highly dependent on the data from other systems as a prerequisite to its functionality (ex. Crane plc). Requires heavy-duty time-taking installations which are intrusive leading even to structural re-certifications.
INVESTMENT PROTECTION - Open Standards Compliant
An open standards-based platform built with off-the-shelf components. Most comprehensive industry offerings with a holistic approach to building products. One-stop shop for all terminal needs.
RELIABLE - Guaranteed Accuracies
100% in-house developed, Highly optimized deep learning algorithms, customized for local terminal environment providing the highest accuracies in the industry. Upfront SLAs on accuracies.
RESILIENT - Minimal Operational downtime
The system features fault tolerance at the hardware, software, and system level, ensuring no operational downtime and facilitating preventive maintenance without disruption.
Maintainability-focused product design with no moving parts implies no wear and tear and faster data acquisition leading to low maintenance costs.
FASTER ROI - Faster execution & rollout
Built as a completely independent product and does not require intrusive connect to other systems like Crane plc. Ease of installation with minimal changes to terminal resources like CHEs leads to maximizing benefits.

Products Made to Scale


Reduced Gate Processing Time


Reduced Rail Processing Time


Equipment Retrofit


Location Accuracy

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