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Gate Survey

Gate Survey

Customer Profile

Leading Port Terminal Operator in India. At ports, one of the critical points is to survey the container that is entering which is carried out manually. This leads to improper data collection with errors. To avoid these inaccuracies and for faster gating time, a port has partnered with ATAI to automate the overall container survey at gate.

Problem Statement

As the containers come in different sizes and also, the multiple parameters on all sides of the container need to be captured and processed before the container moves, the system is required to be efficient enough to handle this without errors.


The computer vision-based AI system infers all the details on the container right from container no., ISO code, number of seals,  seal no, seal intactness, hazard category detection, and truck number to the overall container health. All the recorded information is then processed for gate entry or gate exit. This information further integrates into the overall terminal operating system.


This AI-based system reduces the probable possibility of manual errors throughout the process. It also largely increases the efficiency of the gating method at the port for swift operations.

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