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Warehouse bagging

Warehouse bagging

Customer Profile

One of the leading Private port operators in India. At ports, the raw fertilizers imported from the vessel are loaded into the bulk yard warehouse. This in turn is placed on a conveyor belt to load into a fertilizer bag. These loaded bags are transported to rake or rail using the ground vehicles to further locations. Ports partnered with ATAI to provide an evidence-based comprehensive solution to prevent numerous discrepancies in the overall process.

Problem Statement

It is critical to maintain the count of bags loaded at the vehicle and further loaded at the rake. There were scenarios where the bag count wouldn’t match the actual dispatch count to the endpoint. Also, the bags either get displaced into different wagons or/and the end wrong bags are placed. All these issues burden the operation efficiency and increase the cost and liabilities.


ATAI simplifies the overall process by using the CV-based AI system to capture and process each bag that is loaded onto the ground vehicle at the warehouse and at the rake. This system raises real-time alerts to the surveyor in case the bags are damaged or are of a different type. The system also verifies the bag count at the warehouse and at Rake and raises the alert in case there is any mismatch with respect to the count. Evidence created for each bag and the overall transactions are used for future reconciliation.


There is a huge impact on cost savings as the evidence system provides human-untouched data for verifications in case the end customer raises any discrepancies. This system prevents and corrects the improper bags to be dispatched which in turn improves the quality of each transaction leading to customer satisfaction.

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